Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Years Menu

Veggies and dip from Costco to tide folks over until those lovely friends bearing appetizers arrive

Other assorted impulse purchases goodies from Costco

Honey Baked Ham with rolls and cheese for sandwiches (Should I warm up the ham or serve it cold? The website said to serve it cold, but I have always thought ham was served warm...opinions???)

Baked beans in the crockpot

Baked ziti

Rebecca's Orzo and Bruchetta Salad (One box orzo, cooked. Two containers bruchetta, two containers mozzarella balls. Voila. Yummy salad!)

60 juice boxes

24 bottles of seltzer/fun sparkling waters

A couple bottles of soda, as no one touched it last year except for caffeine-addict friend.

60 bottles of water (do you think this is enough? I thought so, figuring that a lot of people will drink the seltzer as my friends guzzle seltzer, and then I remembered that the kids will have access to the cooler it will be in, and we all know how kids open up a bottle of water and then abandon it two sips later in some undisclosed location and want another...)

Some yet to be determined amount of beer and wine. Last year we ran out of beer, which was a bad thing from a hosting standpoint but a good thing from a breaking up the party before my kids totally lost it standpoint...

Whatever nut- and peanut-free desserts other lovely friends arrive with.

It is nice to have lovely friends :-).