Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving leftovers

  • As lovely as it was not to cook Thanksgiving dinner, I think I much prefer hosting.
  • It turns out that I have several strongly held beliefs about Thanksgiving.
  • Stuffing must be Pepperidge Farm, the blue bag.
  • Turkey should be cooked the same day that it gets served.
  • Mashed potatoes should be made a day ahead, and be lumpy.
  • Cranberry sauce should be whole berry, and lots of it should be provided, even in the doggie bags.
  • Regardless of my laundry lists of beliefs, the meal was delicious and our hosts were lovely.
  • But is rather odd to sit in on another family's Thanksgiving.
  • The inside family jokes totally flew over my head, and I felt a bit overwhelmed by trying to keep everyone's name and relationship straight.
  • And then when I realized that not only is this not my family, but I also would never see these people ever again in my life, the effort seemed somewhat pointless.
  • So I kept wondering how Rebecca's family's game of charades was going.
  • And who was cooking the bird at my dad's place this year, as that totally changes the whole dynamic of the holiday.
  • And I really, really miss my cats and my bed.