Thursday, November 08, 2007

Random Bullets of Tiredness

  • Still not transitioned to standard time. Please, please put me out of my misery. I am somewhat doubtful that we will survive this intact.
  • Thanks to a somewhat bizarre school schedule this week, and my lack of sleep and general disorientation, I have no idea what day it is. C tells me it is Thursday, but since he was not the calender person this week I have no real faith that he is correct.
  • Instead, C was apparently the "messenger" this week. When I asked what exactly the messenger does, he informed me that they take people to the nurse. Which then led to the question "How frequently do kids in your class have to go to the nurse?"
  • The answer was, "A lot." Apparently, this week alone there were five trips. And it was a three day week. In which the half-day kindergarten met for a whopping hour a day.
  • I guess with 24 kindergarteners in a room, accidents are bound to happen. But still...a bit concerning.
  • It makes one wonder what particular illness is circulating. I'm guessing tummy bug.
  • Holy random transition batman, but for those of you near a Trader Joe's, they have organic mini-sweet potatoes that cook in the microwave in five minutes. Guess what I have been eating for lunch on a daily basis?
  • Speaking of lunch, I had all intentions of posting an update on the knitting diet, which went surprisingly well this week, despite the excess Halloween candy floating around. But the camera is MIA, so you'll have to wait until I clean out my purse(s) tomorrow.
  • And I just mistakenly added "suprisingly" to the spell-check dictionary instead of correcting the spelling, so forgive me in advance for all misspellings of the word in the future. Because if you hadn't noticed already, I am a lousy speller. And I have no idea how to go in and change my mistake.
  • My high school English teacher taught me how to spell believe by telling me "never believe a lie." I recite that to myself every time I write the word. Anyone have any suggestions for surprisingly???
  • And now I am off to bed, because if the kids won't alter their wake up time then I clearly need to alter my bedtime for the duration...