Monday, November 12, 2007

If a tree falls in the forest...

So Bloglines is apparently down. Leaving me flailing around the internet without any direction whatsoever. Never a good thing. I would ask if it were down for you too, but my guess is that no one would answer because, well, hello! Bloglines is down, and I know that a significant number of my readers come in through Bloglines.

Bloglines has become like caller ID on my phone. I don't actually know anyone's blog address, I just rely on Bloglines to tell me when you've updated and where to go to find you. Just like I rely on caller ID to tell me what Lovely Friend's phone number is, four years into the game. And if I suddenly stop appearing at your blog, come knock on my door as it just means that Bloglines lost my subscription to your feed. BoogieMum seems to drop off with alarming frequency, for example.

So as I sit here willing Bloglines to magically fix itself, I will pose the question: "What internet tools do you use the most?" What am I missing out on that I could be occupying myself with during this unexpected outage?