Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday Gifts: Solved

At pick-up yesterday, a friend approached me and asked what I was planning on doing for all of the teachers. I looked blankly at her and said "Huh?" And she reminded me that now that C is in kindergarten, there are music teachers and gym teachers and librarians, and art teachers, and etc, etc, etc. I literally groaned and said "Really? I am supposed to give something to all of them too? What could I possibly give that one of the billion other students they have hasn't already given? And I don't care how much they might love cookies, I am fairly confident that they don't want ALL. THOSE. COOKIES." I refrained from adding that I was also pretty sure that they really didn't want cookies from my kitchen.

After getting over the initial wave of horror, I came home and pondered whether I should do anything at all, and if so, what. And I came up with this. Yes, every "significant adult of the teaching variety" is getting a share of a sheep from the Heifer Project for the holidays. Because it makes me feel good, and I will bet dollars to donuts that at least 9 out of 10 of them will be thrilled to not receive something to clutter their desks or their thighs.