Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hello! Good Morning!

I am going to try to be one of those artificially cheerful people today, you know, the ones you want to strangle. Because my other option is the grumpy old bat in the corner swiping at imaginary things, and I think artificially cheerful is probably the way to go.

Isn't it a lovely day! The rain, it is soooo great for the lawn. And really, I think the fact that our new wake up time is 5 am is just fantastic! Think of all the things I can get done between 5 and 8:30! And it is even better this week because C has school for only an hour and ten minutes because of parent teacher conferences. So I get that many more hours to spend quality time instructing my children on how to behave like contributing members of society. I am beyond excited. My lungs needed some exercise today.

Now I am off to clean the house for the playdate who is supposed to come over after school with his mother. Because even if they cancel for the fifth time, I really needed to clean the house as the cleaning service is coming tomorrow. And I just hate to actually ask them to clean.

Have a super duper day!!! Muwah!