Sunday, November 04, 2007

Daylight Grumping

Every year, I rejoice when we spring forward and grump when we fall back. Backwards, I know. But when you have children who would go to bed at 6pm if you let them, and would wake up at 5am given their druthers, you would grump too.

Last night I made the horrific mistake of setting my clocks back before I went to sleep, which resulted in me staying up way too late. And A, who has no idea what Daylight Saving (and yes it is saving, not savings) is all about, was up at 5am. C actually slept until 6:20, which was a perfectly acceptable time given the circumstances. But now I am going spend the day fighting with the kids internal clocks in a futile attempt to get them switched over to standard time in a timely manner. At the moment they are begging for breakfast, which I am refusing to serve to them before 7am. It is going to be a fun, fun day.

Yawn. Wake me when it is spring...