Saturday, October 06, 2007

My day so far

I've had a mildly productive day. I managed to get gas, and milk, so I can have coffee in the morning just as I like it. I've fed the cats, and only got slightly distracted by reorganizing the cabinet in which the cat food resides. I've made one trip to Michael's to buy crafts for the Kindergarten Halloween Party (yes, it deserves all capitals. It is a Big Deal, apparently). I may have also purchased some very cute baskets 40% off, and just might be making another trip back there tomorrow to pick up a bunch more.

I've taken two doors off the hinges and put them back on, in order to fit M's new couch into his office. I went to a home improvement store all ready to get my mums, only to discover that they were totally picked over and I should have done that a month ago. I've redecorated the upstairs bathroom for $12 (oh, how I love the Home Goods) and bought pillows and a throw for M's new couch (No flowers. Brown and blue stripes. Manly, in a metrosexual sort of way.). I've loaded the car up with two boxes for the thrift store, and read half of Crazy Aunt Purl's new book.

I watched 15 minutes of Noggin, but only because I was trying to reprogram the new DVR yet again. Oh TIVO, how I miss thee. I may have even had a glass of wine before seven. Because I don't have to worry about putting the children to bed. I tried to watch the evening news, but then decided that it was way too depressing and really, my child-imposed news ban is actually a good thing.

I've talked to M twice, and the kids once. I may be just about to call them again. And I can't for the life of me decide when to have dinner. The childless me used to eat at 8 or 9 pm. But the mommy me is used to eating fifteen minutes ago.

It is very odd being alone.