Monday, October 22, 2007

Blog Fodder

M: "Chichimama, you look sad."

Chichimama: "No, I'm just a bit sick and weather obsessed."

M: "I have just the thing to help you! Look!!!"

Chichimama: "A remote control helicopter???"

M: "Yes! Well, a rather inexpensive one. On a real one you have up and down and front and back and left and right, and on this one, well, you have two buttons...I got it for free really..."

M demonstrates the helicopter, to the delight of Lazy Cat who scampers around the kitchen like a kitten instead of a ten year old cat.

Chichimama: 'BLOG FODDER! With pictures! Keep flying while I grab the camera!"

Chichimama returns with camera not more than three seconds later. Lazy Cat has decided to take a snooze and the helicopter has lodged under the fridge grill.

Chichimama: "So much for bog fodder. That about sums up my day."

M: "But look! A remote control helicopter!"