Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I am a New England girl. It should not be 90 in late September. The leaves should be turning, I should not be forced to get a pedicure so I can continue to wear my flip flops. Just as Rebecca is insistent that she should not be forced to turn on her heat in September, I am insistent that I should not be forced to run my air conditioner in September. So we are lolling around the house sweating. Or maybe we are lolling around the house because I had my rear end handed to me in a body sculpting class at the gym today (Yes! I saw the inside of the gym! Hallelujah!). But regardless of the reason we are lolling around the house, we are all sweating.

I thought I was in reasonable shape. But today as I face planted in the middle of a push up and found myself staring at the sneakers of the instructor who came racing over to see if I was OK, I realized that I may be able to trot several a few miles, but I have not an ounce of strength in my body. Well, except for the muscles one needs to lug children around. Those are pretty strong. But clearly those are not the muscles one needs to complete a push up.

After the instructor determined that she didn't have to track down a first aid kit, I was held up as the shining example of what not to do. Fabulous. She also made sure to learn my name so she can hound me to keep coming to her class when she sees me around town. Even more fabulous. And I bet you that by tomorrow morning I will be hobbling about, as I can already feel my leg muscles turning to jello. If only yoga met at a time that actually worked for me.

I'm not quite sure what possessed me to sign up for this class (well, except for that muffin top that hangs out over my jeans. And will one class a week REALLY do anything for that? Yeah. I didn't think so either.). But as I lay on the floor rubbing my nose and wondering whether this might be a good excuse for a nose job, I decided that really, my original Wednesday morning plan of Starbucks and a bagel would have been a much better choice.