Sunday, September 02, 2007

End of the summer confessions

  • The first day of school cannot come soon enough.
  • And I am not at all sorry that the pool is closing tomorrow so I can place the pool paraphernalia into storage for the winter.
  • Although I do miss Maine. I wish there was a way to spend the whole summer there.
  • And I'm not just saying that because the kids were in camp there for two hours a day, every day.
  • I'm sick of cooking. And cleaning. I think five and a half years into the gig, I may be done being a housewife.
  • Unfortunately, it's not like I can just start checking the help wanteds and move on to a better job.
  • Did the use of the words "help wanteds" just date me? I have a feeling that the fact that I found my last paid job through the New York Times print edition does not bode well for my future employability.
  • But, I suppose that in three (or is it four?) years, when both children are actually at the same school for the same number of hours, being a housewife might become more appealing. Maybe.
  • I am seriously regretting not sending my children to the church preschool/kindergarten where they would both be otherwise occupied in the same location at the same time.
  • I am dreading the five-plus trips a day to and from my house to get the children to their respective schools. It will really suck when it rains.
  • I know Rebecca is screaming "Cry me a river!" at the computer screen right now. And I do admit, when it rains we will so totally be driving that .51 miles to kindergarten.
  • But I will think of her for the minute that I will be in the car, I swear.
  • The first day of school cannot come soon enough...