Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Rocking Friday Night

Tis the season of travel (or should I say the year of travel, since the season seems to have never ended) and M is currently somewhere over the midwest. At least one can hope he is somewhere over the midwest by now. So I have spent a rocking Friday night reprogramming the DVR. Y'all can oohh and ahhhh now.

Somehow overnight the kids have left behind the old television standbys of Dragon Tales and Dora the Explorer for shows like Word Girl and Word World. Both children are desperate to learn everything there is to know about words, and I spend my day reading books, signs, spelling words and trying desperately to understand what "citin" and "luk" really stands for. C is starting to read real books all on his own, and A, not one to be left behind, is trying to learn to read by brute force. So I suppose it should be no surprise that their television viewing habits are shifting accordingly.

But it was still sad to swap the shows I could recite line by line for ones that I have no real relationship with. And since these days television viewing is taking place while I am cooking dinner, I don't know that I will develop the same closeness with Word Girl as Dora and I experienced. Sniff, sniff. Dora, you will be missed.

Who knew that one could become so attached to children's TV shows? And if I am getting so worked up about Dora, I hate to think what I will do when C and A give up Frances and Frog and Toad. Although I will have no problem passing on the TtFTE books to another family.