Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to School Anxiety

While C has yet to voice a single fear or show any sign of being intimidated by starting kindergarten next week, I have had nightmares every night this week. Clearly, I am not quite ready for this transition to "real school."

Last night I dreamed about C missing the holiday concert, about C forgetting his homework, and about me forgetting to pick C up after school was over. The night before, I spent hours trapped in a dream listening to the kindergarten teacher instructing me on everything I had done wrong in my parenting career to date. The night before that? C went to school in his pajamas. At least he was, well, clothed.

C doesn't have a care in the world. He thinks school is great. He spent an hour on the phone yesterday with Nana, chatting on and on about his backpack, his school supplies, and how excited he was to bring his own snack and make new friends. And I sat there panicked that his backpack was too big (or, perhaps it is too small), that I hadn't found the right black marble composition notebook, and that C wouldn't make any friends.

Next week can't come soon enough, if only for my own anxiety levels.