Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hives, Hives and More Hives

A's hives are back. Gah. I am just blogging about it because the blog has actually served as a pretty good record for the doctor as to when it happens. She seems to be coming down with a cold, lending to the hives when sick theory, but then M left a plate with a peanut butter covered napkin out on his desk yesterday that A discovered before I did, making things a bit murkier.

We have also been around kids eating peanut butter sandwiches all week. I am not one to tell other parents what to do or not do, but the other day I had to bite my tongue to keep from asking if the child who eats everything really had to have a peanut butter sandwich while sitting right next to A. And when I quietly move her to another seat, the parent in question got miffed about the whole thing.

I can't wait until the child turns four and we can do the tests for nuts. And while we are at it, I might have them test C for tree nuts while we are in there as I realized today that he has never had one because of our avoidance of such things with A.