Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bullets of Catch Up

  • Hello! How are you? I'm, well, yeah. Happy Friday Saturday!
  • We had a lovely meetup with Kate over the 4th, she is as friendly and wonderful as she sounds on her blog, and A is now obsessed with with her new friend Miss M. And C is very curious as to how I had a friend with kids that he had never met before. How DOES one explain a blogger meetup to children you are trying to teach about stranger danger???
  • My children were, for once, fairly well behaved for the meetup. Kate is probably cringing thinking "And THAT is what she calls well behaved????" But really! By my standards they were! Despite the fact that C took every last morsel of their bag of pretzels in his not so small paws when me, the unprepared parent, arrived sans snacks. And then he dumped them all back into the bag when I yelled at him. I would say something encouraging here about the state of his health, but I don't want to jinx myself.
  • In my defense, we spent part of the week on my in-laws boat, so I did not have my usual complement of kid snacks hanging out in the garage to be grabbed on the way out the door.
  • But still, I never would have remembered to bring snacks because I was so focused on remembering to bring the directions. I'm just that kind of parent. Sigh.
  • I did remember to bring one sippy cup though. But, of course, only one. Double sigh.
  • About the 4th, we kept the kids up until 9:30 for the fireworks that were actually canceled. Yeah. Still paying the price on that one. Maybe they'll catch up on the sleep by the middle of next week. Maybe.
  • I'm 1/4 of the way through the bottom of the Einstein jacket! If I can figure out how to work iPhoto, I might even post a pic of the big square of gray knitting. Because it is just. that. exciting.
  • I still love my new Mac, although I'm finding myself muddling through rather than learning all the cool shortcuts there are. And iPhoto is not my friend right now. Although I am sure it is all about me and my preconceived notions...
  • Which about sums up my life. I muddle through. And my preconceived notions always seem to get in the way.
  • Did I mention my whole house is decorated in streamers because the kids decided to throw themselves a "HEY! It's a special day party!"? And then I made the mistake of serving them chocolate ice cream in the playroom. The rug will never, ever, be the same.
  • Is it September yet? That's what I thought. Gah.
  • Oh, and speaking of September, I still have no idea when my son is going to kindergarten.
  • Or, apparently, where. We have been redistricted twice in the last four months, and according to neighborhood rumors, we may in fact be redistricted yet again. Which would explain why everyone else in town has gotten their kindergarten notifications and we are still swinging in the breeze.
  • Private, full-day kindergarten is quite honestly sounding like a pretty good deal right now, price tag and all.
  • If the AC, dryer, stove, pipes, and electricity hadn't all broken in the last week, I might even be calling around out of curiosity. But, alas, it appears that I will be putting many other people's children through school.
  • I just LOVE homeownership.
  • The silver lining? At least we only own one home for things to go wrong in these days...