Friday, June 15, 2007

Nothing much of importance

  • I've been rather uninspired lately. No interest in writing, cleaning, knitting, reading, get the picture. In fact, I'm not quite sure how I have been filling my days, but clearly I haven't been doing much.

  • I suppose I have spent a fair amount of time eying all the projects around the house and garden and getting overwhelmed and annoyed, because we had JUST gotten the old house in great shape, and now we have to start all over again. And since we had to carry the lovely old house for almost a year, we haven't really got the funds to do any of the things I have in mind.
  • And you thought you were done hearing about my moving woes...
  • Although I am almost at the point that I am going to paint the ugly stained wood doors myself, just so I can stop staring at them every night in utter decorating angst.
  • In fact, that might be how I spend the weekend, as M is off sailing with his parents.
  • Do ya think he would totally flip to come home and find the family room and back hallway totally redone?
  • I really think I might.
  • What else would I do? It is too cold to go to the pool, and it is Father's Day weekend, so every other family in the world (except for Rebecca's) is spending time with their families.
  • Perhaps I will somehow sneak the children without passports onto the next BA flight instead.
  • Or maybe I'll paint the doors.
  • Which will lead to having to paint these doors.
  • And this window...