Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Apparently, I haven't posted in a week. Which has been pointed out to me by several folks. Yes, I'm still around, and no, nothing has happened. The weather has just been nice and I've been trying to tire the kids out by running them ragged around the neighborhood. I've also been trying to get the book fair at C's school up and running. Man, do I hate the book fair. And not just because it is Day 1 of the fair and I have already spent $50...If anyone ever asks you to volunteer to work a shift at a book fair, please, please say yes. Do it for me, OK?

I'll probably be MIA for another few days, at which point my volunteer duties for the year for both school and church are (almost) over and I can focus on things like blogging and knitting again.

See ya later alligators...