Thursday, April 26, 2007

Status Report

  • We head back to the allergist tomorrow. I was really hoping that when A turned three we would be magically done with this and we would never see the man again, and but clearly that is not to be.
  • Not that the allergist isn't fabulous, he is. He is great with A and great with me and really listens, but still. One never particularly likes it when one's primary care doctor has to send you out to a specialist because your case is too complicated for her to manage.
  • Half of the medical staff I have talked to have not been at all concerned about A's reaction, the other half have totally freaked out. Which kind of leaves me scratching my head and trying to decide which camp it is that I am supposed to be in.
  • Clearly the allergist is in the latter camp as not a minute after I had hung up the phone after scheduling an appointment for the end of May with an unconcerned nurse, a different, highly concerned nurse called back and said he wanted to see us immediately.
  • Although as Rebecca pointed out, as lovely a man as he is, he is also quite good at making sure he isn't vulnerable to a lawsuit. Which is rather understandable, given his choice of field.
  • And since A's hives came back this evening (minus the breathing issues) I'm rather pleased that we are already seeing the allergist tomorrow, it saves me from having to call back and throw myself on the mercy of the nursing staff and beg for an appointment.
  • On happier notes, the Cinderella Polly Pocket's glass slipper has been found (not that you knew it was lost) and all is good in the world of Disney Polly Pockets again.
  • And Dumb Cat came back from wandering this afternoon freaked out beyond belief, so I have to assume that he discovered that the old house is now occupied by new residents.