Saturday, March 03, 2007

Overheard from the playroom

C: "A, I want THAT shoe box!"

A: "No!"

C:"But I really WANT that one! I'll trade you this one, I don't like this one..."

A: "No!"

Chichimama: "C, you know TELLING A that you don't like the shoe box you have is probably not the best negotiating technique in the world. Point out the good things about the box."

C: "A, this is a nice box, but yours is better and I want it."

A: "No!"

Chichimama: "Like this C. A, look at the cool box C has. It has finger holes so you can carry it around! And the top is attached, so you'll never lose it! It is really a great box."

A: "Oh! OK! Thanks C!"

C: "Wow. Thanks mom. (big pause) Wait, is that how you get me to do things too?"

Dumb Chichimama, dumb dumb Chichimama.