Thursday, March 08, 2007

International Women's Day Meme

Landismom tagged me for this one (and yes, I know I still owe you a meme too Not So Little Sister...).

Name your five favorite things about feminism, and tag five other people.

1) The fact that I can vote. The ability to vote is one of the most underutilized vehicles for change in this country.

2) The fact that I can chose to be married, or chose not to be. Clearly, I chose to be married, but if I hadn't found "Mr. Right," I still could have owned property, gotten a job, and adopted a child.

3) The fact that I could get a high quality education without having to fight for it. My grandmother was one of the first female doctors, and I will always remember her stories of how she was treated in medical school.

4) The fact that I can wear a dress, high heels and makeup or yoga pants, a tee shirt and sneakers and either choice is acceptable.

5) The fact that (for the moment) my body is my own, and I can choose what to do with it.

I'll tag the last five people who commented on my blog: Steph, Undercover Angel, Gina, Beach Mama and Kristy. But everyone should feel free to join in and play...