Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Princesses do it better

One of the posts languishing on my dashboard discusses my ambivalence towards A's discovery of the world of princesses and fairies. Maybe I'll finish it one of these days, and maybe I won't but for now I'll share this.

This morning, her posse of girl friends came over while the older siblings were at school. These are the girls responsible for the introduction of all things princess into our lives, and when they come over they arrive in full princess regalia and spend their time twirling and granting wishes. Today was no exception.

About half an hour into the playdate, A arrived with a princess dress and the highest pink heels in her dress up wardrobe in tow, requesting assistance in snapping the dress. As I was helping her, one of the other mommies asked "What kind of princess are you today A?"

A looked her up and down and then very seriously replied, "I'm not just a princess, I am a doctor. A VERY GOOD doctor. I just like to wear my gown to work. Because why shouldn't I?"

Somehow, the whole princess thing doesn't bother me quite as much anymore.