Sunday, February 11, 2007

In case you wondered why my drivel has dried up over the last few days

I present to you, the finished bunting.

It's a little reminiscent of an unfortunate bridesmaids dress (which was thankfully never worn), or a certain McDonald's character, but it is done.

Done, done, done (just don't look too closely at how the zipper is sewn in, OK?). I hope Baby C2 wears it at least once. In fact, I hope it fits Baby C2 by the time it makes it to Texas, the child is growing like a weed.

Some (grammatically incorrect) lessons that were learned during this knitting project...

  • Much like on a wall in your living room, colors that look good in small swatches take on their own life when knit into a large item of clothing.
  • If I ever do a zipper again, I'm buying a sewing machine.
  • Picking up stitches is not nearly as difficult as it sounds.
  • When sewing something together, double check that you have pinned it together correctly BEFORE sewing around the whole piece.
  • Stockinette is a really boring stitch when done for long periods of time.
  • When knitting in boring stockinette stitch, never, ever pick a pattern that dictates increases and decreases by row number instead of inches.
My next few projects are hush hush, so don't be looking for any knitting updates over the next few weeks. But once the surprises have been sprung, I'll post pics.