Thursday, January 04, 2007


We made it through our strep induced days at home, and (hopefully, as he is still asleep right now) C will be returning to school today. Hurray for school! In actuality, yesterday wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I did about a dozen loads of laundry (Really! Everyone's sheets, plus three grandparents-worth of sheets and towels, plus all of C's special friends=lots and lots of laundry). We did every puzzle in the house, set up an elaborate train track, used up about a ream of paper, and built a solar system mobile (from the back of a coloring book, don't start thinking I was getting crafty or anything).

When the kids started melting at about 1:30, we went outside, without jackets because it was that warm, and swept and washed down the front walk and steps. We chatted with the next door neighbor for a bit, and then A discovered some chalk and drew all over the freshly washed walk. But it was all good. Except for the fact that the trees are starting to bud, in fricking January. Not. Good.

The day ended with copious quantities of PBS kids, as by 4pm I was fresh out of ideas, C and A were starting to wrestle, and I am desperately trying to keep A from getting strep. Because we could survive three days at home, but I'm not sure how we would do with another three. Especially since M's travel and conference schedule has picked up again and he'll be jetting around to all the warm, sunny spots until June or so. Gah. Why are academic conferences never anyplace like Vegas or West Palm Beach? Or was I just in the wrong field?

A and I are going to celebrate C's return to school with a trip to Trader Joe's. Because nothing says "I survived winter break plus an additional two days" like a trip to the grocery store with only one child in tow. Those of you with only one, or none, think I am kidding, but it is true. Shopping with both children is an exercise in futility.

Oh, and my happy thought for the day? Rebecca got a wonderful present for the holidays, a US phone number through the Internets that allows me to call her at no cost to me (or her) as much as I want (time-zones permitting). Which makes the whole mommy-gut check "should I take my kid to the pediatrician" questions so much easier. Although she still can't help much with the "what kind of jacket are you putting on the kids today" type of questions. Now if only they could invent a way for her to send me eggs and box of soy milk when I run out....