Monday, January 01, 2007

Bullets of of the New Year

  • I was pleasantly surprised to discover that even though we ended up with 12 adults and 11 kids, our house could have held a lot more easily. Although did anyone congregate in the actual living room? Of course not. Well, except for the kids who were using the chairs for an elaborate game of "hide your head and put your tushie in the air and call it hide and seek."
  • I have to remember that people actually arrive well after the start time on the invitations. By the time anyone showed up, the baked brie was cold. And not very tasty.
  • I made way, way too much food. Some baked beans, sweet potato mashed potatoes, or ham anyone?
  • Children don't actually eat real food at large parties, unless you count popcorn, pretzels, and cupcakes as "real food," which you might...
  • Apparently, this group of people like beer, seltzer, and chocolate milk. May I offer anyone a bottle or two of wine to go with their baked beans and ham? Or some soda? How about a sparkling cranberry juice? A Clifford juice box?
  • My children lasted an hour and fifteen minutes past their bedtimes, and then basically put themselves to sleep upstairs, even though all of their friends were still downstairs playing "hide your head and put your tushie in the air and call it hide and seek."
  • When eleven children are in the same house, they don't actually play with toys. They run around screaming with glee. Or they play picnic under the dining room table. And apparently, I am a "cool mom" because I didn't see anything wrong with a picnic under the dining room table. Hey, if I could have fit I would have, it looked like fun.
  • I must remember to invite at least one obsessive compulsive cleaner to every party I throw. Thanks to M and Friend who Might be Moving to London Too, my house looked like this by ten fifteen.

She started cleaning up "just a little" while I was seeing people out.
  • Although M and I made it to midnight (barely) we missed the ball drop because we were too engrossed in Grey's Anatomy, season one, episode 7.
Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years Eve.