Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Random Thoughts, Courtsey of C

"I think it must be boring to be a puppet. Most of the time you are just stuffed in a dark box in a closet."

"Some people are allergic to nuts, and other people are allergic to, well, other things. Like cleaning up."

"The problem with school is that I have to sit still. I need to practice sitting still, but it is hard to do when you can't sit still."

"Candy canes are like lollipops except without the stick. And they all taste kind of like toothpaste."

"I'm going to stop talking about babies. Because maybe if I stop talking about them then you'll want another one, and then we can be a family of three kids."

"Some people have fake trees and some people have real trees. We are real tree people. But it is OK to be a fake tree person too. There are lots of different kinds of people in the world."

"It's hard to make your bed. The covers get all wrinkly no matter what you do."