Friday, December 01, 2006


I'm retrying the New York Times No-Knead recipe today, this time using only white flour. So far it is going much better. M's Grammy, sister and nephews are coming for dinner, so I hope it turns out OK. I have a stuffed manicotti in the fridge all ready to pop into the oven when the arrive, and the makings of a salad. I of course forgot about dessert. Oh well, I think I can probably whip up some sort of a pudding or whatnot. The house is still a wreak though, and I can't quite find the energy to do much about it. Do you think I can just ask them not to use the bathroom while they are here? Or is that a Miss Manner's no-no?

What is your standby company dish? This is my first attempt at not cooking a lavish meal. It is just too hard with the kids running around....