Saturday, October 07, 2006


Five sleeps until we move. C informed me of that fact this morning. Thanks kiddo. I don't really know how we started calling nights sleeps, except that it seemed like the easiest way to explain to C how long it was until some exciting event occurred. Apparently, the move is exciting enough to count as a sleep-worthy event.

At what age does a real concept of time kick in? C gets it, generally, but if you get over a week out it all becomes a little fuzzy. Then it is "in a long time" or "a long time ago." A is currently doing the very cute "Yesterday we will go to the party" and "Tomorrow was a lot of fun." I was sad when C finally figured out how to use time terms appropriately, and will be equally sad when A moves on. To the point that I'm not really correcting her. Hey, that's what preschool is for, right?

I also haven't worked very hard with C on learning to tell time. Mostly for my own sanity. Once he gets good at time, my mommy five minutes (or ten minutes or fifteen minutes) will have to actually approximate real time. And it will be impossible to pop the kids into bed early on nights that some sanity needs to be restored. As it is, my days in that regard are numbered. C keeps asking what time his bedtime is and I keep responding with a vague "Oh, when it is night-night time. " But apparently he needs a more specific answer for preschool sharing time next week. During which he is going to learn that the other children in the world have much later bedtimes. WHAT are those teachers thinking? Did they not have children of their own? Although I suppose that when he learns to tell time I can send him back to bed when he wakes up before the crack of dawn...