Friday, October 13, 2006

Old habits, new space

Apparently I am going to have to change my blogging habits in the new house. I used to blog standing up with my computer on top of the TV cabinet. It drove M nuts, he would see me standing there even after the kids went to bed and insist that I sit on the couch. I didn't have anything against the couch, it was just a pain to unplug my computer and plug it in someplace else, and my battery doesn't hold a charge well. I also liked to delude myself into believing that I might be burning a few extra calories by shifting from foot to foot and doing calf raises so I could see the screen a bit better (hey, a girl can dream).

But the family room in the new house (how long before it is just home?) is much smaller, and the TV cabinet is wedged into a corner leaving no room for me or my laptop. Plus, the armchair is conveniently located next to a plug and a large window overlooking the backyard. So here I sit. And it feels, well, not quite right. And there definitely needs to be a side table of some sort so I have someplace to put my coffee. Right now it is precariously perched on the window sill, and the cat is bound to knock it over in the next few minutes.

I know I will get used to my new blogging space and learn to love it. What's not to like about sitting down, right? But I'll miss all those extra calories burned...