Monday, October 30, 2006

Guilty pleasure

While I was still in the workforce, one of my guilty pleasures was taking a day off and sitting on the couch in the morning watching the Today Show, Regis and what's her name, and Rosie. I would sip coffee and hot chocolate while still in my pajamas, and relish in being a couch potato. I would never admit that this was how I spent my vacation day, especially when I was working at the university. But I would plot and plan my vacation days to include at least a few of these a year, preferably during the holiday season.

In recent years my days off have been few and far between (really, nonexistent) and the few hours that I may have without both kids in two are generally spent racing around town accomplishing all the things that are a pain to do with kids. But tomorrow, both children will be in school until 11:45. I am going to be trapped in the house while the furnace gods install my new furnace and the exterminator gets rid of the bees swarming our attic. And I have every intention of being one with my couch and the Today Show, followed by Regis and what's her name and the first half of Ellen. I have my favorite mug sitting on the counter already, and am stocked up on decaf coffee and cocoa. I can't wait. Although I think for everyone's sake I will be in my jeans.