Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The elephant in the room

Did ya see that big ole elephant sitting over there? Yeah, that one, the one that keeps screaming "Rebecca is moving to London. HELLO??? Did you hear me??? REBECCA is moving to LON-DON." I've been ignoring it, but I guess eventually one has to stop and actually pay attention to the elephant jumping around in the room. I mean, an elephant. It's a large animal. And it eats peanuts. So the fact that I have been ignoring it given A's allergy issues is huge, huge, I tell you.

All kidding aside, I have been ignoring the fact that my closest friend is picking up and moving far, far away, far enough away that I will have to count on my fingers AND factor in family schedule differences to figure out whether it is safe to call or not. And although everyone is swearing by Skype, I have a hard time picturing it working all that well for me as I tend to wander around the house while chatting on the phone.

Never mind about the bigger issues, like the fact that I have to find a new emergency contact for my kids, and figure out some way to safely hide my spare key because the keeper of the spare key is no longer going to be available to just run over every time I lock myself out (and no, you don't REALLY want to know how frequently she arrives in my driveway dangling my key out of her window. It is just embarrassing.) And who is going to provide a mommy gut check at 7:45 in the morning when I need to decide whether to shlep to the pediatrician's office or not?

I'm actually going to have to take my kids into the grocery store when I need one more egg to finish a quiche, or a ziploc bag in which to marinate the steak. When the going gets rough, I'll have to deal with my kids on my own instead of inviting myself over for a playdate. And if I need a insta-sitter for an emergency doctor's appointment, I'm going to have to call around to figure out who might be free instead of booking on the spot because I know Rebecca's schedule backwards and forwards.

So I think I am going to just keep on ignoring that elephant over there jumping up and down for just a few more days. Perhaps when he figures out we are a peanut-free household he'll leave for greener pastures...