Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Are we the only household in which Band-Aids are the major form of currency? It seems that we go through Band-Aids faster than goldfish crackers. It doesn't matter if there is blood or not, any boo boo, real or imagined, requires the immediate application of a character laden bandage.

Not every Band-Aid is created equal; depending on the day, Dora, Blue or Sesame are the sticky bandage of choice. Today, Target was out of BOTH Blue and Dora, so we had to venture into new territory, Hello Kitty and Spiderman. Both have been embraced with abandon. Joy of joys. Even more characters that I need to keep in stock.

At the moment, A has a Hello Kitty bandage on her pinky, a Spiderman one on her knee, and two Sesame bandages held in reserve, just in case. C has two Blue's Clues Band-Aids on his shin, although only one of them is the coveted one with Tickity Tock on it. He too is holding some in reserve, apparently they are preparing for the apocalypse in their own way.

I have tried offering up stickers instead of Band-Aids when one is requested, but am always scoffed at. "Silly mommy, I have a BOO BOO. A BOO BOO. I don't need to do art." Silly me indeed. Cause if there is no blood, I am hard pressed to call a small red mark Band-Aid worthy.

The folks over at J and J were brilliant, just brilliant. "Hmm, what is better than mommy's kiss? Hey, I've got it! Stick a cartoon character on a Band-Aid! The kids will go wild!" I should have bought stock in them as a kid. I would be rich by now I tell you. Rich!