Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Too hot

It's too hot to blog. It is too hot to do anything but whine and flip PBS channels. I don't know how my sister does this every day in Texas. It was 101 today according to my car, and when we ventured out to pick up fish and veggies for dinner we were pretty much the only people in town out and about. I have never seen the place so dead. At least it made for easy parking every place.

One of these days I will have something of interest to write about. But for now, a random C quote of the day.

As C was inspecting the pictures hanging in our living room...

C: "Mom, is that a picture of the city?"

Mommy: "Yes, it is."

C: "The REAL city?"

Mommy: "What is the real city C?"

C: "New York of course."

He makes a parent proud that boy (sorry Nana).