Monday, June 05, 2006


We finally made it home yesterday (or should I say the kids and I made it home, M winged his way off to yet another conference/meeting/presentation/insert boring business reason for traveling here. And I believe I might have set a record for number of potty/diaper breaks between Boston and New York. Between C, who needed to poop but does not poop in potties other than his own, and A, who developed a sudden and horrific case of diarrhea, I think we hit every rest area, gas station, and fast food joint along the Pike and Merritt Parkway.

I will have to post about the wedding later, but in short, it was lovely, and M and I have never felt so old. The dress worked out well, once I spent another $30 on a sweater since the temperature plummeted 30 degrees after I packed my bag. And I didn't even spill anything on it! But we returned home to a house that still hasn't sold, and then last night A started dripping blood out of her tushie. So while I had all good intentions of writing many fabuo entries last night, I instead spent the evening consulting with doctors via phone and trying to estimate exactly how much blood was being lost and where it was coming from.

So yet again, my good intentions to be a productive member of the blogsphere were foiled by the randomness of life. So sorry, perhaps tonight will be a little less eventful and you can hear all about how I was tackled from behind by my old field hockey coach and M realized that small town life was all that he didn't want out of life. Right now I'm counting the hours until our pediatrician's office opens so I can be reassured that really, all children drip blood out of their tushies at one point or another.