Friday, June 30, 2006

Random, random paragraphs of incoherent thought

As my right hand could tell you, after an hour and a half of signing legal documents designed to send the anxiety-ridden into full-fledged panic attacks, we are now the somewhat nauseous owners of two homes. I spent most of the morning alternating between scoping out the nearest trash can in case my nervous stomach revolted, and drawing random scribbles on sticky pads to try and distract myself from the hysteria I felt creeping into my bones. While M cracked jokes with the lawyers, I took deep, cleansing breaths and tried not to hyper-ventilate.

As we got into the car after signing away our life, M turned to me and said: "I'm a little concerned that the family room is too small." Shoot me now, or send me to the loony bin. I am going with the head in the sand approach and choosing to believe that he was just pushing my buttons.

Tomorrow we begin the paint chip negotiation, which will result in our ability to open up our own shop in our living room. It took us two years to settle on a color for our current bedroom; this go round we have at least five rooms under contention. Although I refuse to move without painting the bulk of the rooms, so hopefully the time constraints will eventually force a decision.

The kids spent the day alternating between crying hysterically to "go home to the old house now" and "stay forever in the new house." It is going to be a long, long several weeks before we finally pack up and haul ourselves two blocks over. The fact that the houses are walking distance is both a help and a hindrance I have decided. While it is lovely to just pop over to survey our new digs, it is inevitably going to lead to battles over where to spend our days. And since there is no wireless, TV, or furniture in the new house, I know what my preference will be...

We forgot the camera today, but I'll try to remember to bring it when we head over tomorrow and post some shots of our new digs for before pics. And then you can wait eons before we actually get any real work done for the after...