Saturday, June 10, 2006

A bloggy sort of dinner

Last night we went out to dinner with an old college friend and his partner (Yes! We had a grown up dinner out! With another couple! But that's not actually the point of this post!). We spent half of the evening talking about their wedding plans, and the other half engaged in political debate. Poor M was highly outnumbered...

But somehow I mentioned my blog, and it turns out that our friend's partner (who I'll call Groom, after his blog) has his own blog too. And quickly we launched into frantic discussion over our blogs, our great commenters, the most bizarre Google searches, and who else we know who blogs. And M and old college friend rolled eyes and discussed how horrible they think they come out sounding on our blogs.

So of course I ran home last night and checked out the blog, and it was just like talking with him! Except I wasn't! So go check out Groomzilla if you have a moment, he'll make you laugh!