Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Two going on sixteen

A comes rushing up while we are playing outside.

A: "Mom, I need money."

Mommy: "Excuse me?"

A: "I need money."

Mommy: "Why?"

A: "Uh, because."

Mommy: "What are you going to buy with the money A? I'm not just going to hand over money without knowing how it is going to be spent!"

A: "Uh, I go to store!"

Mommy: "What are you going to get at the store?"

A: "Uh, stuff!"

I finally hand over some papers from my pocket and deem it enough money for a book. A rushes off to the pretend car and heads off to the corner of the yard that is doubling as the store today. She quickly turns around and comes back.

A: "Mom, Need more money?"

Mommy: "MORE? What did you get?"

A: "Now I need gas!"