Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This is what I get for trying to be efficient

Instead of hauling both kids, soccer gear, and the other necessary items for a day at the park out to the car all at once, I decided this morning that I would shlep all of the gear out long before it was actually time to go. In theory, I could then just walk out the door dragging two children behind without also struggling with bags and sippys and soccer balls. Except in one of the bags were my keys. And when I tossed the bag into the trunk, the car alarm got set off. Locking the car doors. With my keys in the car.

Somewhere in this house there is another set of car keys, I swear. But the time I am going to spend trying to find them (because why would we keep the spare keys on the KEY RACK?) is going to far outweigh the extra time it would have taken to just get everything and everyone out the door at once. That's karma for you.