Monday, May 01, 2006

Don't ever dare tell me she is dumb

You can say many, many things about my youngest child. Stubborn and strong-willed come quickly to mind. But the one thing you can never ever say is that she is dumb.

Day two of Operation A Must Sleep was a success. She napped for two and a half hours, went to bed in under half an hour, woke up once, and slept until seven. Day three, however, was less than successful. You see, she figured out the system. I was actually surprised it took her a full 24 hours.

Yesterday, every time I came into the room to put her back in bed, she climbed back in before I could get there. Or she slammed the door on me and told me to go away, she would do it herself. But as soon as she was in bed and I left the room, she climbed back out. There was no nap, and bedtime dragged on for over an hour and a half again until she finally fell asleep on the floor by her door. She woke up twice last night, and both times ended up falling asleep on the floor before agreeing to lie down in bed. We're back to where we were before except I'm getting a workout in instead of a nice snooze on A's bed or the floor.

I'm just waiting for the pediatrician's reaction when she hears the answer to her standard "And where does A sleep?" question. I know she expects to hear "In a big girl bed, in a crib, or in bed with us." I doubt that she hears "On the hardwood floor," very frequently. Sigh.

We're going to keep going with this in hopes that if we are consistent she'll eventually give in, but I'm not holding my breath.