Sunday, May 28, 2006


Last night, I dreamt I was having a huge BBQ. And guess who was there??? No, come one, guess! All of you! It was actually a grand party. Her Bad Mother brought the koolaid (Really! I swear!) Phantom brought the chocolate, Lisel and Little Duck rode bikes with A and C. Kristen was there in a very cute outfit, Jennifer and Beachmama inspected my garden and jo(e)'s kids supplied us with music. Kristy, Rebecca and Gina hung out near the grill and supervised the making of hot dogs and kabobs (thank you ladies, you did a wonderful job!). Kdubs showed off her adorable pregnant belly by the picnic table, and Suzanne and Landismom discussed my bookcase contents on the sun porch. Steph supervised the girls in dress up activities (somehow I had acquired a whole wardrobe of princess costumes...) and Barbara was in charge of the potato sack races.

Many, many others were milling about, and I think a good time was had by all. Unfortunately, A woke me up in the middle of the dream, so I didn't get to enjoy my party for all that long. But it was lovely! And fun! So please, feel free to come again. And if I disappear because of a screaming child, please talk amongst yourselves and help yourself to the contents of my fridge.