Saturday, April 29, 2006

Overheard at bedtime

C: "Mommy, I know all about shows."

Mommy: "You do? What kind of shows?"

C: "TV shows of course. I know some are live and some are corded. The live ones are nice because you get surprised by what is going to be on next, and because you have a hard time turning the TV off if I ask to watch another show with a please. But the corded ones are nice because I know what the answers are and I can stop them to go pee. But with Tivo, we can even pause the live ones to pee. Except at Nana's. I think we need to get Nana a Tivo. For Maine. So I can pee when watching TV."

Mommy: (trying very hard not to laugh): "We'll have to take that up with Nana. Not everyone thinks through their television viewing options quite so thoroughly."

C: "They should you know, watching TV is a very serious thing."