Friday, April 14, 2006


I know I am currently "it" for many a meme. Our Internet is rather spotty right now as, well, we're moving soon and our "computer room" (i.e. the place where the wireless router lives) is currently, ahem, under construction to make it look, well, presentable*. So I will eventually get to the memes, but probably not until next week. In the meantime, for my new bloggy friends looking to learn six things about me (although you'll have to decide if any of them are weird for yourselves...), here's a link to my 100 things about me post, which I have been too lazy to add to my main page. See! I'm always happy to provide. And once we have reliable Internet, I'll post 6 (or is it 18 now) more in their various requested forms.

*Read this as "I was working on the memes and just as I was saving the plug got pulled and they got lost. And I can't bring myself to recreate quite yet."