Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blah blah blah and yadda yadda yadda

Since y'all don't seem to be a source of blog fodder today (can't blame you, clearly I can't think of much to write about these days my life is so. damn. boring.), I'm going to subject you to a boring collection of random bullets.

1) No one seems to be interested in looking at a house built in 1771. I can't understand why...it IS well maintained. I'm getting a bit (OK, a lot) hysterical over the fact that there is no traffic through my home of anxious home buyers. I'm seriously considering standing out on the street with a sign reading "If you lived here, you would be home already."

2) There is a serious lack of sleep in our house right now. The cats aren't even sleeping well. Making everyone, including the cats, a real pleasure to be around. Both A and C have spent the bulk of the day crying.

3) I have a sore throat. I'm unclear whether it is the allergies I developed in college rearing their ugly head again, or whether I am getting A's cold. Either way, my throat hurts and it's not helping my mood any. On the upside, I haven't been able to yell much, and discovered that the low "Stop that right. now." voice works almost as well. For the moment anyway.

4) I discovered that the Y's childcare program has at least a year and a half wait list. Which got me thinking that really, I should get C and A on that wait list just in case I suddenly decide to go back to work. Or in case our house doesn't sell and we go bankrupt and I have to go back to work. I go through the motions of thinking about going back to work about once every six months or so, this time the whole house thing has me seriously considering what on earth I am qualified to do these days besides wiping noses and making grilled cheese. And apparently I'm no longer qualified to make grilled cheese as both my children turned their noses up at it today.

5) A just pooped for the fourth time today and I just can't face changing another poopy diaper. The child needs to learn to use the potty. Just as soon as we sell the house. I can't continue with the potty training process while trying to keep the house clean 24/7.

6) The house next door has been under construction for almost exactly a year. And it looks like they still have a very long way to go. I am making a mental note to never ever use this construction firm. They were supposed to be done in November, I kid you not. I feel almost as bad for the neighbors as I do for myself. But not quite because both their kids are potty trained and they have the childcare thing under control.

7) It's bath night. I hate bath night. If C hadn't gone swimming, and if both children didn't have sunblock on, I would skip it. But I guess that would mean I would just have to do it tomorrow. But hey, I'm the queen of procrastination.

8) Speaking of baths, Blues Clues is over and I'm starting the bedtime proceedings ridiculously early tonight. Wish me luck.

You would think that after a weekend away I would feel a little less run down and whiny, but I think it actually made me realize just how sleep deprived I really am and how much I miss the old me.