Friday, March 31, 2006

Crash. Bang, Sputter

Yet another excuse for not blogging...we were rear ended yesterday by a huge delivery truck. At first blush the car seemed OK except for some dents, and the kids were fine but distressed because their pretzels fell to the floor. But when I went to start my car this morning...sputter. Dead, dead, dead. I can only assume the two events are related, although I can't begin to fathom how. M is speculating that the gas tank got punctured, yippee!

Anyway, long story sort, I have been spending the better part of the day dealing with insurance companies, towing companies, and garages.

Some bonus conversations for you:

At preschool while I am frantically trying to get M's car to start with no avail and swearing up a storm while frantically punching buttons on my cell phone to arrange for A to get picked up from school:

C: "Mommy, why are you using your key in Daddy's car? I think that's your problem."

Mommy: "C, I love you. You are so smart. Thank you."

C: "You're welcome. You didn't have your coffee this morning, did you?"

While singing to C at quiet time today:

C: "Mommy, Daddy's voice is rougher than yours when he sings. And mine is softer. In fact mine is so soft that Mrs. K said she couldn't hear me singing today. I have the softest voice ever."