Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Virtual Book Club

I read a post over at Chicago Mama Spot that mentioned her book club (and its snack menu, man, I would move to Chicago for the snacks there!), and it got me thinking about book clubs. While I have always liked the concept, like many things in my life I have never gotten around to the follow through and actually found or started a club. Primarily because, well, I'm lazy and once the kids are in bed I have little interest in moving off my couch or bed and motivating to someone's house, even if there are yummy snacks there.

Then I started thinking about a post over at Phantom's that mentioned how she gets to make friends from the comfort of her own home by blogging. Which is so true, and probably why I like blogging as well. A built in social life for the lazy, socially reticent. Then my mind started to wander, as it tends to do while watching children's TV at a very early hour in the morning, and it occurred to me that perhaps, just perhaps, a virtual book club might be the key to satiating my interest in discussing interesting books with interesting people without having to leave my couch. Granted, I don't get the bonus of yummy snacks prepared by others, but the ability to comment while in my pajamas totally outweighs the yummy snack factor.

So is anyone game? I'm not going to work out the details unless some people are interested (remember, lazy) but if there is a core group who don't already have real-life book group commitments and are willing to forgo yummy snacks in favor of pajamas, I'll come up with a plan.