Monday, January 09, 2006

Warm Snap

We are in the middle of a January thaw here. I have to say, I hate the January thaw. With a passion. It gets warm enough, and starts smelling like spring enough, that I get excited and think that the end is almost in sight. When in reality we have at least three and probably four or more months to go until spring truly arrives.

A is rebelling at the undershirt because she is "too hoot" and C wants to wear his windbreaker instead of his winter parka. We are actually planning a playground trip for post-nap this afternoon. These things just shouldn't happen in January. It should be colder than cold, snowing, with perhaps a little ice thrown in. I should be huddled under blankets on the couch drinking tea and cocoa, not wondering where the beach ball landed last fall.

I am sure next week we are going to have a cold snap and I will be bemoaning the loss of the warmth that envelops us now. Which is exactly why I hate the thaw. Because if it didn't exist I would happily trudge through the rest of winter believing that there were no other options. Once the thaw hits though, I know that it can in fact be warm in the middle of winter. And once I remember that there is warmth out there I just can't wait any longer for spring.