Sunday, January 29, 2006

Please no

C, A, and I spent the afternoon puttering around the local bookstore, which oh so conveniently has a TtFTE train table. Having learned my lesson on earlier visits I insisted on a trip through the cooking and food section before heading to the children's section and picked up a new bread book (or two) to browse while the kids fought over germ laden trains that are identical to the ones we have at home. Much fun was had by all.

After we finally exhausted the fun to be had at the train table, C picked out a TtFTE book, and A picked out a Blue's Clues book and we headed to the registers. On the way I tried to take a detour through the travel section. As I desperately tried to determine whether I wanted this book, or this book, C started tugging on my arm. I tried to read furiously and ignore him, but after a minute or so he became insistent.

C: "Please no Mom."

Mommy: "Excuse me? Please no what?"

C: "Please no is what people say when they no longer want to do what their mommies are doing. So please no."

To which I could do nothing but laugh and abandon the travel section for a later date.