Tuesday, January 31, 2006

An experiment

Long before we changed A's crib into a toddler bed, she had been complaining about her bed. I always took it to mean that she didn't like the crib, but M had an interesting point last night at 2 am or so. Maybe she actually doesn't like her bed. Or mattress. Or something about the place in which she sleeps.

So tonight after an hour plus of hysteria at bedtime, I whipped out the inflatable bed that C sleeps in when visiting grandparents and A got a huge smile on her face.

A: "A's bed?"

Mommy: "Would you like to sleep here?"

A: "Oh yeah. No crib. A sleep bed."

While it still took another 15 minutes for her to fall asleep, she did not try to escape from the bed, and commented several times on how she was not in her crib but in a bed. I'm reserving judgment until we have experienced sustained changes in her sleeping patterns, but I'm starting to wonder if in fact she has been trying to tell us what is wrong all along and we have been too dumb to figure it out.