Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Random Christmas Thoughts Courtesy of C

"Why does Santa come down the chimney? Wouldn't it be easier to come in the door?"

"Why doesn't the Grinch have pants on? I really think he needs pants."

"I don't think Santa likes cookies. Or milk. Perhaps I should eat the cookies for him. The reindeer can keep the carrots though."

"Hanging lights [on the tree outside] is a daddy job I think. Maybe we should wait until Daddy comes home. You aren't doing it very well."

"How does Santa know which stocking in mine if it doesn't have my name on it?"

"We can't read that book, it's a Christmas book and it is not Christmas time yet. We don't have a tree. It's just winter."

"What does Santa have to do with the Baby Jesus?"

I'm sure there will be a second installment here, but figured I would preserve these for posterity while they were still fresh in my mind...