Saturday, December 17, 2005

A New Low

I reached a new low in my parenting experience today. I walked out on my screaming daughter and ran away to (drumroll please) the grocery store. At nap time I just completely and utterly lost it. The child would not sleep, would not be quiet, would not be rational. I know that expecting rationality from a 19 month old is a bit much, but she has the vocabulary and sentence structure of a rational human being so I find it hard to remember that she is in fact still a very small, just minutes from infanthood, human being.

M was a star today, while I ran away to the grocery store he managed to get her down for a real nap. When I returned he announced that she was 100% my daughter as she is stubborn as they come and likes her back scratched. Go figure. Even C is somewhat amazed by her ability to allude sleep. At bedtime tonight he told me that A was a very sleepy baby, and he didn't understand why she didn't like her bed. His suggestion was bumper beds (bunk beds for the uninitiated), but somehow I don't see those working out quite as he imagined.

Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully one filled with an awful lot less yelling and crying. And hopefully for your sakes I can find a topic other than my daughter's sleep issues to write about.