Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Let the games begin

Well, it could have been a worse night I suppose. At least C promptly climbed into his bed for once and stayed there in the interest of showing A how it is done. If both children has been up wandering the halls M might have come home to a note explaining that I had driven to Boston to deposit my children with Nana for the duration.

I think the fact that A refused to nap in her new digs helped as it only took about 2 hours for her to finally fall asleep. She spent the first half hour convincing me she wanted to sleep in the pack and play, but when I finally set it up for her she promptly climbed out in about 5 seconds flat. At least she could do that one safely. But if it didn't contain her, it didn't help me any so bye bye pack and play.

The next 45 minutes or so were spent with her sitting on a stool kicking her legs commenting "I sit. I SIT." while I sat in her doorway responding "Get into your bed A, it's night night time." She finally got tired of that game, and came over to pull me to back to her bed. Not to put her into it though, oh no. She wanted MOMMY to sleep in the bed. In the interest of convincing her that beds were for sleeping, I obligingly shoe horned myself into the former crib turned toddler bed, and she happily climbed in. And then out. And then in. And then out.

It was crystal clear that this was yet another game, so I returned to my not so comfortable perch in the doorway and began my mantra again. "Get into your bed A, it's night night time." She finally came over and put her head in my lap and began fake snoring. Which eventually turned to the sleepily little sighs she makes as she is falling asleep. I carefully snuggled her, sang her night night song, and laid her down in bed. "Mama sing again, Mama sing A again." After several rounds of that, she was too tired to more than whimper for a second as I left to room.

A actually DID stay asleep in her bed until 5:45 this morning, so at least there wasn't a middle of the night repeat of the bedtime fiasco. But for those of you counting, she has gotten a total of 16 hours if sleep in the past two days. C is down a significant amount of sleep too as he has been woken by the early morning scream fests. It's going to be a fun day.

I'm still reserving the right to head to Nana's for reinforcements. At least both children would be tired enough to sleep the whole way. If I stopped off at the library and got a book on tape the drive might actually be decadent.